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Are you experiencing constant marital troubles that seem to have no end? Do these problems negatively affect the rest of the family? If this is your situation, you may wonder if it’s time to file for divorce. Divorce can be an overwhelming legal process, and depending on your current situation, your spouse may cause trouble during the proceedings and prolong discussions.

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Fortunately, if divorce is truly the best option for you, you can seek legal support whenever you need it. The divorce lawyers of Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law can help you if you file your case in Forest Hill, TX. Our team offers personalized legal services for any family legal battle, especially divorce. We will review your case with you and develop the best legal strategy to speed up the divorce proceedings and ensure that all underlying issues are resolved.

At Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law, our legal responsibilities don’t end after completing the case. You can also rely on us to help you make the necessary arrangements to prepare for your post-divorce life. Our team can request a court order to enforce or modify issues like child support, custody, and spousal support.

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Dedicated Divorce Support

Every divorce case is different, with various factors greatly influencing its progression, from the reasons for divorce to the issues needing resolution. The willingness of both parties to settle the divorce quickly also affects the final arrangements and the speed of proceedings. While some cases can be resolved amicably, most end up in a court trial where the divorce and its underlying issues are addressed.

Our Forest Hill divorce lawyers at Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law are experienced in handling all kinds of divorce cases, regardless of their complexity. We strive to make the legal process more accessible so you can make informed decisions as we represent you during the proceedings. Our legal team will also fight for your interests and ensure that the agreed-upon arrangements benefit all parties, especially your children.

Child Custody and Support

In some divorce cases, a part of the proceedings will be dedicated to child custody and support arrangements. A divorce can affect a child’s life significantly, and if an arrangement is not made for them after the divorce is finalized, your children will find it difficult to recover from the ordeal.

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Both parties will be required to establish arrangements for their child’s welfare before the proceedings progress to other matters. These arrangements encompass issues such as child support payments, custody arrangements, and the roles each parent will fulfill in their child’s life after the divorce. Both parties must devise custody and support plans that prioritize the child’s best interests and remain open to adjustments as the child’s needs evolve.

Our Forest Hill divorce lawyers are dedicated to guiding you through the legal processes concerning child support and custody. We will provide you with insights into how the court determines these matters based on your circumstances. Additionally, we will collaborate with you to formulate a legal strategy aimed at negotiating an arrangement that aligns with your child’s interests and requirements. Should the need arise, we can also assist with modification requests or enforcement actions if the other party fails to adhere to the agreed-upon arrangements.

Alimony and Spousal Support

The court may also include alimony or spousal support arrangements, especially if one party is financially disadvantaged once the divorce is finalized. Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law can handle these negotiations for you whether you receive spousal support or the one ordered to pay it.

Forest Hill Divorce Lawyer alimony 300x225In Texas, the court may order one of three types of spousal support depending on the situation of either party:

Temporary spousal support – As its name implies, this support is given temporarily to one party to help them with their immediate needs while a final support arrangement is made.

Spousal maintenance—This can be a temporary or permanent spousal support arrangement granted to one party after the divorce. The court will use the receiving party’s needs and the duration of the marriage to determine the length of the spousal support and its amount.

Contractual alimony – Both parties can decide upon this form of alimony without court approval. For this type of alimony, parties can agree on the amount and streamline the arrangements for asset and property division should there be issues with cash after the divorce.

If you are the recipient of the spousal support, we can fight for a specific amount that would cover your needs during the support’s duration. Meanwhile, we can petition against the order or negotiate for a lower amount if you are assigned to pay spousal support.

Asset and Property Division

In most divorce cases, asset and property division often prolongs the proceedings. Certain assets and properties may hold substantial value, either economically or sentimentally. Each party may adamantly seek these properties, making negotiations more challenging. Additionally, there are instances when properties owned by either party before the divorce are brought into consideration to balance the division and support both parties in rebuilding their lives afterward.

Forest Hill Divorce Lawyer our attorneys segment e1557333754713For these discussions, our Forest Hill, TX family law firm employs lawyers trained to investigate various marital assets and properties, ensuring accurate valuation. They also ensure each party receives their fair share of these properties, providing a foundation for their post-divorce life. If any marital properties are overlooked, our lawyers can identify them and present them to the court on your behalf.

Down below is the list of marital assets and properties that we can help you with:

  1. Real estate
  2. Professional practices
  3. Insurance policies
  4. Financial accounts
  5. Privately and publicly held businesses or companies
  6. Foreign assets
  7. Stocks
  8. Pension
  9. Retirement plans

For long-term assets, our lawyers can see what can be done to divide them equally and raise the issue before the court.

Business Owner, High-Value or High-Profile Divorce

Divorce cases are notorious for being complex cases, but if the parties involved are high-profile individuals or businessmen, the case becomes harder to resolve because of the impacts it can bring not just to the parties but also to their reputation and business.

Forest Hill Divorce Lawyer high asset divorce attorneyDavis and Associates, Attorneys at Law’s divorce lawyers can handle even these types of divorce and ensure it will not greatly affect your reputation and business. We will work with you to develop the right strategy to help us move in these proceedings and fight for your interests. We will do our best to fight for the outcome that works for all parties.

Our team can also ensure that your marital assets and properties are divided accordingly. Down below are examples of assets and properties we can look into for you during your divorce proceedings:

  • Domestic and foreign real estate
  • Trust funds
  • Life insurance policies, proceeds, and annuities
  • All financial accounts
  • Patents and other intellectual property
  • Public and privately held companies
  • Stock options and employee benefit plans
  • Pensions, retirement accounts, and severance packages
  • Professional partnerships and practices
  • Oil and mineral ownership and royalties

Throughout your case, we maintain strict confidentiality and shield your assets from unwarranted disclosure. We also ensure that the outcome of the divorce proceedings is communicated appropriately to the public, if necessary, without sensationalism.

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While it is an overwhelming decision, divorce may be the only way for you and your family to find peace and resolve any issues you may have. But before you take this step, make sure you are aware of the legal implications of this decision and how the discussions can be adjusted to create arrangements that all parties can follow without issues.

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