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No one wants to be in court, especially when it involves family matters. Whether it’s due to divorce or a serious issue like domestic violence, facing legal proceedings within the family can be emotionally draining for everyone involved. However, if legal action becomes necessary, there are family law firms you can turn to for guidance and support. If you are in Haltom City, TX, Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law has a great team of family lawyers who can take on your case and be your legal representative.

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When you contact us for any family legal trouble, one of our Haltom City family lawyers will review the case and see how to resolve it without adding further legal complications for all parties. We will do our best to personalize our strategy for your case because each case is different, and no one strategy can resolve every family’s legal trouble. Our team will also handle the case carefully and fight for an outcome that will be agreeable to all parties.

You can also request Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law to help you fight for any court order modification or enforcement. We can also be your legal representatives if you wish to appeal or negotiate for a lighter penalty. Our legal service is also available even after your case so that you can move on quickly from these situations.

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Experienced Family Attorneys

Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law’s Haltom City family lawyers are ready to tackle any family legal case you may face, no matter how tricky or sensitive. We will review the case before identifying the best legal strategy, which will then be modified further to achieve the best outcome for the case.

Down below are the legal issues our experienced family lawyers can handle:

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Divorce: For married couples who feel it is time to break off their marriage through divorce, they only need to let our family lawyers know.

Our family lawyers can handle divorce cases regardless of severity and ensure they can follow along during the proceedings. You can count on us to help you collect evidence, negotiate for the ideal settlement, and resolve other underlying issues that prevent the divorce from being finalized.

Property and Asset Division: The division of assets and properties is often a contentious issue in divorce proceedings. Couples may have specific preferences for certain assets or properties, whether for their financial value or sentimental significance. This can complicate matters, especially when marital assets are insufficient to cover financial needs post-divorce.

Our Haltom City, TX family law firm can assist in identifying these marital assets and properties and ensure they are divided evenly between you and the other party. You can also trust us to locate any missing marital asset or property and prevent your separate properties from being added to the discussions. We also handle high-value and high-profile divorce cases.

Haltom City Family Lawyer mom and girl 300x200Child Custody: For divorce cases that affect children, Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law can assist parties in fighting for child custody to ensure that the children are taken care of and their needs are met.

If you wish to fight for custody, we can provide the evidence the court needs to recognize your claim and give a visitation arrangement for the other parent. Our legal team can also help get the child custody arrangements modified or executed if needed.

Haltom City Family Lawyer father son HBKFP7NCLL 300x200Child Support: While child custody is being discussed, our legal team will also investigate child support arrangements. If you are the parent receiving support for your children, we will ensure that the other party abides by its responsibility and report any violations.

Meanwhile, if you are the parent paying child support, we can negotiate a different amount if you believe your current finances will prevent you from spending it in full.

Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law can also request child support modifications if your child’s needs change or your circumstances change, disabling you from paying child support.

Spousal Support: In cases where the other party will be financially disadvantaged because of the divorce, the court may order one party to pay spousal support. For these cases, Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law can argue for a certain amount or duration if you receive support. If you are tasked to pay spousal support, we can argue against the approval of a spousal support arrangement for the other party or argue for a shorter term.

If the court declines your request, we can explain why it happened and what legal action can be taken to seek support.

Haltom City Family Lawyer father and child 300x200Father’s Rights: For fathers who are not married to their child’s mother and wish to become involved in their child’s life, Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law can help you fight for legal rights, as the law does not automatically recognize an unmarried father’s rights. We can assist you in scheduling a court-licensed paternity test and initiating the legal process for the court to acknowledge the results. Additionally, our family lawyers can aid divorced fathers in asserting their rights if the child’s mother prevents them from exercising their legal privileges.

Meanwhile, fathers who have reason to doubt their child’s paternity or men who wish to challenge claims of paternity can also turn to our lawyers to support their case.

Haltom City Family Lawyer domestic violence seg 300x195Domestic Violence: Out of all the family legal battles a family can face, domestic violence has serious impacts on all affected parties. Unfortunately, victims tend to shy away from reporting these instances because they believe that their abusers will continue their assault since they are family.

Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law can help you get to safety and file the necessary charges if you or your loved ones are victims of domestic violence. Our team will also act as your representatives in court so you don’t have to feel pressured to face your abusers and withdraw your case.

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It is never easy to fight against family, especially if you don’t want it to ruin your relationship. But if taking the case to court will resolve any issues that affect the rest of the family, our Haltom City family lawyers are ready to help you streamline the case.

Check out our legal services today by availing of our free consultation service, and one of our family lawyers will review your case.

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